This Tuesday at Drouant, in Paris, the académie Goncourt has given appointment to award three of its awards: The Goncourt of poetry-Robert Sabatier, the Goncourt of the new and the Goncourt in the first novel. Result? Three beautiful winners for this edition 2019.

Yvon Le Men, Goncourt of poetry

For poetry, it is Yvon Le Men, which was distinguished for his work as a whole as it is tradition the jury Goncourt. But Bernard Pivot, president of the Academy, stressed that it was especially for his books, published by éditions Bruno Doucey: A cry split into a thousand (in his trilogy, The continents are rafts lost ), An island in the earth , and The weight of a cloud . Moreover, Tahar Ben Jelloun, poet of the jury has rendered a beautiful tribute to the work of Bruno Doucey, presence at Drouant. Bernard Pivot has acquiesced: “A magnificent work.” He recalled that on may 20, the House of Poetry, Yvon Le Men, will read his poems.

By Yvon Le Men, the laureate of the Goncourt in 1987 for The sacred Night was hailed as “a troubadour, a traveller, a smuggler who takes the time to listen to the world and examines the words. Guided by a vivid curiosity, you take shortcuts. Your poetry enlightens us and shows us the way.” With The Men, the poetry will save the world added Tahar Ben Jelloun.

Yvon Le Men was born at Tréguier in 1953, installed in Lannion, it is the figurehead of the poetry now written in Britain. “Since his first book, Life, write, and say are the only trades of this poet, who share his passion to the greatest number, in shows, or the festival of Astonishing Travellers, where it program of poets from around the world,” says its editor. After Under the ceiling of sentences and end of rights , he entrusted to the Editions Bruno Doucey, the publication of a trilogy – The continents are rafts lost A cry split into a thousand is the third volume.

Mary Gauthier , Goncourt first novel

Mary Gauthier has received the Goncourt first novel for dressed in Short , published in January by Gallimard. Four other titles were shortlisted: dst Prune Antoine (Anne Carrière), The workshop of the disorder Isabelle Dangy (The Passage), How it all began of Philippe Joanny (Grasset), and The eater of books of Stéphane Malandrino (The Threshold).

As pointed out by Philippe Claudel, the return to school in September 2018 and the winter of 2019 have made the season exceptional for the publication of good first novels. New voices, talented, have emerged. The choice was so difficult. Claudel has explained why the young woman had won: “This is a novel in short, held and retained, and that due to its theme could have been grittier. However, nothing ever is, beyond writing a great modesty, which combines erotica with a restraint that we have published this remarkable book.” He compared his universe to two films: The summer slope and Brazen . “You check your input in the hell of the letters, a hell that can be gentle,” said the author of the Souls of grey . Mary Gauthier, very intimidated, could not say that “I am happy.”

Caroline Lamarche, Goncourt of the new

The Goncourt of the new rewarded Caroline Lamarche for We are on the edge (Gallimard). Two other titles, and not least, were in competition: The Bird Parker in the night of Yanick Lahens (Sabine Wespieser), and Polaroids of Eric Neuhoff (The Rock).

This is Didier Decoin who has made a tribute to the novelist “belgian” and “paradoxical”, according to its terms. “From the first pages, it was love at first sight, runaway”, he told.

The collection We are on the edge is composed of nine new “These nine new place us at the edge of two worlds, where cross human in a slump, and animals are semi-wild. Each tries to join the other, but we don’t know that, beast or human, is in search of protection”, sums up his publishing house.

And he added: “what is the flight wounded the duck, Frou-Frou, is it the sign? A horse named Lie can it take a child away from the world of deceitful adults? How a rat, a squirrel, a hedgehog exorcize the madness, grief, or simply boredom? That will become the nest of the ants linus, Cletus, Clement, Sixtus, Cornelius and Cyprian, after the passing of merry walkers? How a stray cat, a butterfly on his end they are the messengers of love? At the top of a tree weakened by the upheavals in the climate, that reports the song stubborn Merlin? So many lives are threatened, but free in their own way. As many alliances discrete, always on the alert.”