“One day I’ll be the best trainer”. It is as well as opened up the very first and best-selling generic of the animated series Pokémon in 1999. At the time, the public discovered Sasha, 10 years old, at the beginning of his adventure in the magical world of the small creatures of pocket. Accompanied by the not less famous than Pikachu, he was promised to become the champion absolute fighting Pokémon. A task tough, challenging, but twenty years later, thanks to his self-abnegation, the eternal loser has eventually triumph. Unbelievable but true, in the last episode, his team (one of the weakest he ever had) triumph and won the cup.

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The news has upset the “Pokésphère”, as well as drastic by some, the triumph of Ash remains a huge surprise.

● The generic Pokémon

A hero well unskilful

As you know, Sacha is far from being a genius of the strategy. Most of his fights, he wins them in a way incongruous. In the first season, he must gather the eight badges of the arena, allowing access to the Pokémon League, a competition ultimate, who dedicated a trainer as the best of all. It is, therefore, to face the champion of each of these arenas. If Ash gets the eight badges are needed, only half are obtained at the end of a real fight. The other half, he gets it sometimes by rescuing the Pokémon of the champion prisoner of the flames, sometimes by making them laugh another champion psychopath and the depressive.

A pattern that repeats itself throughout the seasons. Almost all the actors are replaced (Pokémon included), except Pikachu and his master, who has not taken a ride. It’s still the same character, at once endearing and attached to his faithful critters, but also unnerving because a naive, narrow-minded, and often loses.

a summary of the races: Sacha has failed six times in the face of the League, improving a little more each time its status of “shabby”, the nickname given by his rival, Gary. The other hand, if he were to win the holy grail of trainers of Pokémon, what will become of the series? A question that then arises is that Ash aka Satoshi in VO has finally won the Pokémon League of the region of Alola.

The fans of the first hour will regret perhaps that Lougaroc is the pokémon who delivers the victory, at the expense of Pikachu and the other Charizard. However, this success sounds like a consecration, twenty years and 1083 episodes after departure , the name of the first act. This final hare-brained should not however be the end of the adventures of Ash and Pikachu, or the animated addition, which next season will be launched on the 29th of September. With the imminent arrival of two new video games Pokémon Sword and Shield , our hero should continue its exploration of the fabulous world of “Pocket Monsters”.

The victory of Sacha