Polad Bulbuloglu: the Conflict of Azerbaijan and Armenia can develop into a full-fledged war

While the Armenian troops will occupy part of Azerbaijani territory, armed conflicts will continue and could escalate into full-scale war, which would be a disaster for the entire region. This was stated by the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Russia, famous singer and composer Polad Bulbuloglu.

“the Conversation is about that occupied 20% of Azerbaijani territory. What do you think, ten, rich, well-developed infrastructure, the country will be allowed to occupy an infinite amount of time their territory? That’s impossible,” said Bulbuloglu in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

the Diplomat said that peace talks on Karabakh did not give any results, because large neighboring countries are trying to freeze the conflict, “to last indefinitely”. and therefore did not rule out the beginning of full-scale hostilities in the region.

“If they fail, then, of course, will be military action… We have said many times that the Azerbaijani people will never reconcile with the loss of their territories,” said Polad Bulbuloglu.

Another aggravation of the situation in the region occurred on 12 July, when, according to the Azerbaijani side, units of the armed forces of Armenia in the area of Tovuz district subjected to fire the positions of Azerbaijani troops from artillery. Three people were killed. On the night of 13 July, the shelling was repeated, with the result that the officer was killed. The Armenian side claims that the first fire was opened azerbaijanskie military.

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