Police of Khabarovsk began to draw up reports against activists of the protest

In the Khabarovsk police began to draw up protocols under article 20.2 of the administrative code on participation in an unsanctioned rally. First they got the activist-libertarian Artem Brains and one of the most prominent participants in the protest — “Valentine hat”. This man willingly communicated with the journalists and got on most of the online broadcasts of the shares.

As was reported at the headquarters of the Bulk in Khabarovsk, Valentin Kashnikov to the next, the 13th campaign at the government building on Thursday showed reporters and participants the invitation to the interior Ministry. Despite this, today he came to the protest with a megaphone.

the Activist Valentin in the hat shows his invitation to the police Protocol (20.2 — participation in meetings) pic.twitter.com/5bj8chqOFa

— Headquarters of Navalny in Khabarovsk (@teamnavalnykhv) July 23, 2020

Valentin Himself said that the day before unknown persons have spread among protesters, the information that the activist suffers from tuberculosis, and allegedly with him in this regard, it is dangerous to communicate. Valentin for the cameras of the journalists admitted that really hurt, but he has tuberculosis in a closed form that is not contagious.

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