Polish experts: Kaczynski laid explosives during repairs in Russia

the Plane of Polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed because of the explosion. To such conclusion came the Polish Commission for re-investigation of the accident. According to experts on Board laid TNT during repairs in Russia.

According to the report, the tragedy was “the result of deliberate action.” The Tu-154M is alleged to have committed a wrong fit as a result of instructions of the Russian dispatchers, according to TV channel Polsat News.

in addition, according to experts on Board, two explosions occurred in the area of the left wing and in the Central compartment. At this point the injuries of the victims and the damage to the aircraft. Also on the wreckage found traces of TNT, RDX, and PETN.

meanwhile, the government of Poland accused the investigators from Russia in an attempt to hide evidence of the explosion on Board.

the Plane with Kaczynski and government delegation crashed near Smolensk in April 2010. All 96 people on Board died.