the Russian authorities produce the impression that in any strange situation, a criminal case against opposition leader Alexei Navalny. This thesis contains the report of the international human rights group “Agora” about the “fact FBK” writes “the Media”.

In August 2019 was initiated a criminal case on the legalization of income obtained by criminal means (article 174 of the criminal code), against “unidentified persons who, however, knew about the illegality of the origin of money and were employees of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) based Bulk”. The Chairman “agory” Pavel Chikov and head of the international practice of the organization Kirill Koroteev write that the result for the year could not specify the actual data on the illegality of the origin of 75 million rubles., nor offer legal qualification of this illegality.

“All the available data on the alleged crime fit in two paragraphs of the resolution,” write the human rights defenders. According to them, “the first paragraph contains the plot from 1 June 2016 to 31 December 2018 unidentified persons, including members of the noncommercial organization “Fund of struggle against corruption”, received a 75 million 585 thousand 300 rubles 21 kopecks. Acted unidentified persons group and by prior agreement, the money received from unidentified persons. 75 million rubles were received by unidentified persons “known to them by criminal means””. In the second paragraph States that an unidentified person made this amount (to the nearest penny) via ATMs on the FCO account in Sberbank and Alfa-Bank. “This operation is the UK and considers the laundering of funds”, — noted human rights activists.

in addition, in the case of the FBC was not presented any data that would indicate a crime, it is usually necessary for criminal prosecution. In what stateyalo violation of the law, not specified, write the transducers and Koroteev. They believe that since article 174 of the criminal code defines the legalization (“laundering”) of money as the transactions with property knowingly acquired by other persons by criminal means, in order to give a lawful kind to possession, then such qualification is necessary to prove not just the illegality of the acquisition of money and “notorious” illegality, which for the year was not done.

“But there were about 150 searches throughout the country and arrested several hundred Bank accounts — mostly activists of the regional headquarters of the Bulk, created for the presidential election campaign 2018,” the report reads. “Agora” could not be found in the practice of Russian courts no criminal case on the legalization of income, in which there would be no indication of any substantive crime, stress the authors.

So human rights activists are convinced that the only purpose of investigation, prosecution FBK Bulk and associates for their political activities. They recommend that foreign States are not okazyvat Russia’s help in the investigation “the case of the FBC,” and Russian authorities to terminate a criminal case.

Recall, 20 July, Alexei Navalny objavil about the closure of the Fund of struggle against corruption, created 9 years ago. According to him, the court satisfied the claim of the businessman Prigogine and ordered it, Love the Sable and the FCO to pay “an incredible amount of 88 million rubles.”

“the Amount is huge, and I don’t even see the point to collect it,” concluded Navalny, adding that FBC and “so nothing.” “Everything was taken on previous searches. And now take and the organization itself, and the current account. We cherish our name, but as I have said many times: the FCO is not an office and not a piece of paper from the Ministry of justice. FBK — people,” — said Navalny.

According to him, nowü the organization will pass to another legal entity.

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