Political scientist explained why Putin is so often drawn to the subject of the USSR

In the context of a pandemic, President Vladimir Putin is increasingly appealing to the theme of the Soviet past, as it became for him a rhetorical technique that works. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the political scientist, Professor at the European University in Saint-Petersburg Grigory Votes.

“Putin has never concealed that he highly appreciated the Soviet legacy, and more likely to allocate some positive aspects than negative. He belongs to the phrase that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the last century. Such a representation in General is in conformity with the sentiments that one experiences that generation,” — said the analyst.

According to him, Putin experienced the disaster and level of life experience, losing a job, it was a painful time for him.

“on the other hand, he as a politician knows that a significant portion of the population feels nostalgia toward the Soviet Union. These are people whose youth fell at the end of this era, people are either faced with the negative sides of the system, or have experienced hardships during transformation. There are others — those who were born later, but to feed the media perceives the Soviet Union as a great Empire, where citizens respected around the world. All this, of course, naive idea, far from reality, but their popularity is undeniable. And Putin listens to public opinion”, — said the analyst.

Gregory Votes notes that such rhetoric from the President in the future will only increase, and regardless of, that will do if the pandemic of the coronavirus in there. In his opinion, with the age of Putin negativity associated with all the Soviet, recedes into the background.

Earlier during an online meeting on may 22, Vladimir Putin noted that the Soviet Union was destroyed, and the health care system could not.

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