Politician: Putin's entourage is ready to breathe life into it until the last minute

the voting Procedure for amendments to the Constitution, which was launched in Russia on June 25 — is an attempt of absolute conservation of the outdated, not meeting anyone’s expectations and the requirements of life method of governing. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the politician, the Deputy of the Pskov regional Assembly of deputies Lev Shlosberg.

“most of the amendments to the Constitution is a smoke screen, and the low legal quality. I have the feeling that the agencies, departments and ministries there was some competition-who has more legal rubbish associated with their activities, I’ll get to the Constitution, says Schlossberg. But in General it’s not important. The current amendments to the Constitution — this is the state reform, which was planned by Putin after the election in 2018, but which are unable to carry out”.

According to the Deputy, to hold it failed because of the aggression of the population after the pension reform. But what was going on, it became clear after the article President of the constitutional court of Russia Valery Zorkin in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, where he stated the need for the primacy of Russian law over international, and that values rights and freedoms for citizens of different States is not universal.

“After this article Zorkin as Chairman of the constitutional court all had to be removed from office, as called for change of the constitutional order, — said Lev Shlosberg. But in 2018 ago that reform was impossible, they were afraid. However, the situation in half a year has only worsened with the economic crisis, pandemic, tired of Putin, who has shown himself indifferent inefficient head — not ready to take responsibility, including financial”.

the Politician is sure that the public purpose of voting is to demonstrate “national PRistop adoration of the President.”

“Putin is psychologically crossed all barriers and is absolutely ready for a lifetime rule — he does not see himself in any other role. All his entourage, all of the institutions that we operate in manual mode, ready to breathe life in Putin until the last minute, if only he could legally rule. For them, when the system stays the same, everything is clear — there is a king, there are nobles, there is a system of feeding and the system of individual relations. We understand that the whole voting procedure is made by those who are satisfied with the current state of Affairs”, — said Lev Shlosberg.

Recall that from 25 to 1 July, Russia held a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution. Only the main document of the country paid 206 amendments, one of which is to “reset” the presidential terms after the entry of a new Constitution in force.

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