Poll: Ban of the Communist symbols approve less than a third of Ukrainians

the opinions of Ukrainians regarding the prohibition of the Communist symbols were divided equally: 32% support, 34% disapprove, and a quarter of the citizens is generally indifferent. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted in mid-April, the Fund “Democratic initiatives” name Ilka Kucheriv jointly with the Kyiv international Institute of sociology, UNIAN reports.

More “anti-Communists” in the West (45%) and Central (33%) regions in the South and East, 22% and 24%, respectively.

More than 30% of respondents approve of the renaming of towns and streets named in honor of the state and party leaders of the Soviet era and revolutionaries, while 44% take it negatively.

it was also found that among agree with the ban of the Communist symbols 68% support the European integration of Ukraine, and among the dissenters is significantly more supporters of Union with Russia or the non-aligned to any of the unions.

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