Poll: Majority of Ukrainians did not trust Zelensky

the Balance of trust in President Vladimir Zelensky compared to January (+ 34,1%) became negative (- 8,9%). About it as reports “Interfax-Ukraine”, said the Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Institute for social research. A. Yaremenko Olga Balakireva.

According to the Center social monitoring, today Zelensky fully trusted by 13% of respondents, rather trust to 28.3%, rather do not trust 25.4% don’t trust at all 24,8%.

“Thus, 50% of the population today do not trust the President Zelensky,” said Balakirev.

Even worse is the situation with trust in the government and the Verkhovna Rada: balance of 54.3% and 55.4 per cent respectively.

the Positive balance of trust have kept the Armed forces of Ukraine APU + 32,4%.

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