Poll: Two-thirds of the inhabitants of the

If the Ukraine held a referendum on the issue of granting autonomy beyond the control of Kiev territories of Donbass with the goal of peaceful settlement in the region, the opinions of the citizens on this issue would split almost equally.

According to the study conducted by the Center “Social monitoring” in July, agrees on the autonomy of Donbass 42,7% of Ukrainians do not agree — 39%, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

And in Kiev-controlled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions for autonomy 64.2 percent of respondents in the South of the country — 59,2%, in the East — 57,3% and in the West only 15.7%.

For direct negotiations with Russia for peace in varying degrees, expressed 69.6% of respondents, against 20.8 per cent.

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