Such is taken who believed to take. A young british woman has experienced the adage at the beginning of the week, as reported by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica Napoli . On vacation with his father and his sister at the foot of mount Vesuvius, the tourist, 21-year-old has decided to cross the security barriers that protect the city of Pompeii. With the help of a few tools, she began to remove the pieces of one of the mosaics on the floor of the house of the Anchor, to take as souvenirs.

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after being Apprehended by the authorities while she was trying to leave the tourist site, the fault has made the small tiles that it was appropriate. The head of the ruins of the ancient city has assessed the damages to the tune of 3000 euros. Reopened to the public in December 2018, the site of the house of the Anchor had up to then been the object of interventions of maintenance, research and restoration, like the house of the Large Fountain. The building was named because of the mosaic, composed of tesserae of black and white that form a boat anchor on its soil.

This is not the first time that the remains of Pompeii are vandalized or damaged by the visitors. After The Local , a tourist from canada decision of remorse, has returned to the directorate in 2014 a fragment of the theatre that was stolen during his honeymoon fifty years earlier. There is only one year, a French of Montpellier has been tried for having attempted to leave the Italian territory with a backpack full of stolen items. He had stolen thirteen fragments of terracotta and a marble plaque to Pompeii. He was sentenced to 200 euro fine and four months suspended prison sentence.

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To combat acts of vandalism, and alteration of its spaces of cultural and historical, Italy has attempted as early as the year 2016 to strengthen the surveillance and protection. Which does not chill the ardor of tourists. Alcohol, two Brazilians were injured while trying to break in and night in the Coliseum in Rome in 2017. Graffiti had been found the next day on one of the columns of the monument’s massive. Regarding the tourist site of Pompeii, an exhibition was recently dedicated to objects stolen and then returned, in the hope of deterring thieves and give them a bad conscience. An initiative that will, without a doubt, missed the british tourist…