Pompeo: Russia used the Treaty on open skies for

the Treaty on open skies was used by Russia as a “tool of intimidation and threats.” This is stated in the statement of the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, published on the website of the state Department.

the text noted that Moscow “years grossly and continually violated the Treaty,” including the Russian Federation refused permission to conduct observation flights along the border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and also restricted their over Kaliningrad.

the contract was used “in support of aggressive new Russian doctrine”, which involves putting weapons on infrastructure in the United States and Europe, although the agreement was designed to ensure that all countries-participants increased level of understanding and cooperation, said Pompeo.

earlier, media reported about the intention of Washington to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, allegedly due to repeated violations of the terms of the agreements with Russia. Then this information was confirmed by the leader of the United States Donald trump. The agreement on open skies was signed in 1992. It was attended by 34 States. In recent years, the United States and Russia has repeatedly accused each other of violating the agreement.

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