The Avengers are separated, but Disney has not finished with the Marvel universe. On the occasion of the ComicCon in San Diego, Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, has announced what will be the next five films and the next five series devoted to the world of super-heroes. A “phase 4” which extends up to the fall of 2021. As little as two years, during which the fans are in for a treat.

Schedule for phase four of the Marvel Marvel Studio

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Black Widow (The Black Widow) , released in France on April 22, 2020

been calling for since long time, the film dedicated to Black Widow, has finally been made official at Comic-Con in San Diego. The spy of the SHIELD will have the heavy task to launch the phase 4 of the MCU. Scarlett Johansson will return to the costume of Natascha Romanoffs. It will be joined by David Harbour in the role of Alexei aka The Red Guardian, Florence Pugh in the role of Yelena, O-T Fagbenle in the role of Mason, and Rachel Weisz in one of Melina. The realization was entrusted to Cate Shortland. The story is still mysterious ; it is unclear, in particular if the facts are prior or posterior to the last Avengers.. .

The Eternals , released in France on November 4, 2020

For the second film in the new arc, Marvel is trying the same bet as with Guardians of the Galaxy at the time, offering a team of new heroes little known to the general public: The Eternals . For all knowledge of these beings virtually immortal appointment on 6 November 2020, with the casting of Richard Madden in the role of Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani in Kingo, Lauren Ridloff in Makkari, Brian Tyree Henry in Phastos, Salma Hayek in Ajak, Lia McHugh in Sprite, Don Lee in Gilgamesh and Angelina Jolie in Thena.

Shang-Chi: the Legend of the Ten Rings , released in France on February 12, 2021

Created in the 1970s when kung fu films were all the rage Shang-Chi is an expert of Martial arts with (necessarily when it comes to Marvel) family history is very complicated. It is, in any case, the first hero of the asian team Marvel with Simu Liu in the title role. Alongside Liu, there will be Awkwafina in a role that was not disclosed and Tony Leung in the role of the (real) mandarin. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings from Marvel Studios will be directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. In cinemas on February 12, 2021.

draft Poster of the Marvel movie Studio

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , released in France on may 6, 2021

The announcement and especially the title of the second opus dedicated to the master of the mystical arts have had a chilling effect on the fans. A title that suggests that the Multiverse falsely teasé in Spider-Man Far From Home will be introduced in the MCU. A new which opens up the universe to an infinity of possibilities. Benedict Cumberbatch will resume of course his role of Stephen Strange and Scott Derrickson will be again behind the camera. But this time, the doctor of magic will be joined by the red Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen. This duo is as powerful as unlikely to be released in theaters on may 6, 2021

draft Poster of the Marvel movie Studio

Thor: Love and Thunder, released in France on 3 November 2021

The fourth installment of the adventures of Thor was probably the film most awaited of this fourth phase. The announcement of its implementation by Taika Waititi (director of the last installment) has delighted the fans. But Marvel has saved the best (or worst for some) to the end. Natalie Portman inherits the hammer of Thor. Although it is in the credits of the film, Chris Hemsworth seems more worthy of the mallet of god ; at least that his former fiancée Jane Foster in any case. This bounce, which is present in the comics, has already caused much ink to flow. In the Mighty Thor by Jason Aaron, the Thunder god has become unworthy of Mjöllnir (the weapon of the god). It was Jane who lifted thus taking up the succession, becoming the goddess of lightning. Remains to be seen how Marvel account, bring this small revolution. Response on 3 November 2021.

the director of The next “Thor” Taika Waititi “adoube Natalie Portman in the upcoming goddess of lightning. Alberto E. Rodriguez/AFP

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Five series of which are an integral part of the phase four

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier fall 2020

Anthony Mackie (The Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (the Soldier of The winter) went up on stage to greet the fans and formalize at the same time the series which will follow the adventures of the duo. Daniel Brühl dons again the costume of Baron Zemo great villain of Captain America: Civil War . This tandem will be to discover in autumn 2020 on the platform of Disney +.

• Wanda-Vision , spring 2021

This series, which will be released in the spring of 2021 on Disney +, will be centered on the romance between the red Witch and Vision. Only problem is that the android is dead in Infinity War and was not able to be brought back to life at the end of ’Avengers: Endgame . This situation may be the starting point of the series. There is no doubt that Wanda Maximoff will find a solution to bring his beloved to life. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will return obviously their respective roles.

Loki, spring 2021

It is also during the spring of 2021 that will come out the series on the god of Lies starting with his escape very commented in Avengers: Endgame . Tom Hiddleston will lend again his features at Loki.

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Marvel’s What if…? Been 2021

perhaps the project’s most off-beat of this phase 4. The series Marvel’s What if…? will return to a concept well known to fans of the comics. This first animated series after the MCU will tell the stories taking place in alternative realities in the Marvel universe. Kevin Feige has announced that many of the actors in the Marvel movies would be their voice for their animated character. However, new entrants will enrich the list of characters, starting with Jeffrey Wright which will double The Watcher.

Hawkeye : fall 2021

This series will be the last of the phase four will focus on the daughter of Hawkeye and his relationship with his father that will make her (no doubt) its remplaçante. It will have to wait for the fall of 2021 to see Jeremy Renner take over the role of the archer in this mini-series of six episodes.

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Mahershala Ali and Kevin Feige announced the preparation of a film “Blade” Alberto E. Rodriguez/AFP surprises and no

As if all this were not enough, Kevin Feige has also revealed that Blade, which will be interpreted by Mahershala Ali ( The Green Book ), will be joining the MCU, probably in phase five. An announcement that greatly pleased the fans. The boss of Marvel also took the opportunity to mention the case of fantastic 4 and of the mutants X-Men, alleging that they had not forgotten, but has not given the slightest indication as to their future within the franchise. The great absent of many of these revelations remains Spider-Man. But the character, still owned officially by Sony, may be entitled to a special outing out of the calendar Marvel.