Posner Mikhalkov debate almost in the style of altercation between Solovyov and Utkin

the First channel Vladimir Pozner has published correspondence with the Director Nikita Mikhalkov, which, in its program “Besogon” addressed to the journalist in an obscene form.

As reported by Posner on his website, after the release of “Besogon” in which Mikhalkov said about bill gates and plans to chipping of the population, he wrote him a letter and received a response. He stressed that the correspondence was purely personal. After that Posner in the air of “Echo of Moscow” unflattering comments about the program “Besogon”, responding to a leading question.

“I Think if I had not voiced my opinion on the “echo” that would not be the object of attention and Mikhalkov’s “Besogon”. Most likely, he was offended, even angry at me. Not quite a parliamentary expression used them to my address, talking about it,” says Posner.

“I would Like to highlight just one point: Mikhalkov justifies the detection of excerpts from my letter the fact that I broke my promise not to publish it, acting on “echo of Moscow”, criticizing its program. In fact, I have not violated because never said I’m not going to answer the question about how I feel about his program, if you ask me. So here Nikita used purely shulerskih reception and, alas, not only here,” – said the journalist.

He published his correspondence with the Director, in which he argues, in particular, censorship. “I, unlike You had with censorship are continually involved in the Soviet era, when it existed in the state of Glavlit, and dealing with it, the unofficial, today. […] I, for one, can’t invite to their program of Alexey Navalny (in parenthesis, I note that I am not his supporter, quite the contrary, but I consider him a figure, whose opinion the viewer has a right to know). I’m glad You have experienced the censorship, because I am sure that never from her You do not suffer: You always carriedis to the elite, both Soviet and Russian, neither under Brezhnev, nor in time of Gorbachev, nor in time of Yeltsin, censorship has not touched You and, I think, is helpful for a person like You, to have its effect. You will agree, is offensive and disgusting,” writes Posner.

He notes that the program “Besogon” not watching, but Mikhalkov had “diametrically opposed views”.

Mikhalkov says that Posner “is quite lightly evaluates his relationship with censorship.” “I will not go into details, except to say that one of my film “Relatives” got to the state 117 of the amendments, of which I had to do 70, so that the picture appeared on the screen,” – says Mikhalkov.

Posner asks you not to ask him questions on the situation so she doesn’t become a kind of skirmish of Vladimir Solovyov, Vasily Utkin.

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