Update on 29. October, 11.50 am: As it’s now known, came it at 7. October against 23.15 to a dangerous incident in the travel of the ICE 821 in the direction of Munich. Shortly after the train had left the station in Nuremberg, said the engine driver at the height of the mountain in middle Franconia, a suspicious noise.

At the main station in Munich he controlled the car with the engine and discovered damage to the front windscreen. About two weeks later, the Federal police was able to identify after the fact, that Unknown had apparently stretched a steel cable across the tracks. The remains of the rope could as well as wood and iron, to be ensured of the parts on the Track.

In the vicinity of the crime scene they also found a threatening letter in the Arabic language, as well as a Graffito with Arabic characters. The evaluation of the Drohschreibens is not yet complete. It is currently being evaluated.

+ Parallel to the motorway A 9, the ICE line from Nuremberg to Munich.© runs close to the middle Franconian town of allersberg dpa / Armin Weigel

The Bavarian Central office for the combating of extremism and terrorism at the Munich office of the Prosecutor General took over so now the investigation. Officials of the police headquarters middle Franconia and Munich, the Federal police and the Federal police to assist the investigation. In addition, the Federal railway authority is to carry out a concrete assessment of the threat posed by the steel cable.

first message: Unknown tensioning steel wire rope on the tracks – the train on the way to Munich

all mountain – It is Sunday, the 7. October, in the night hours. A high-speed train from Nürnberg in the direction of the South, with a high pace, he is aiming for gen Munich. Approximately in the height of the mountain, around 140 kilometers from the state capital, it happens: The observant train driver heard a “suspicious noise”, as the spokesman of the Bavarian land office of criminal investigation, Ludwig Waldinger, reported to the tz.

however, Since all systems are functioning properly and no fault is displayed, the travel, the passengers in the train of the whole matter. Eventually, the ICE reaches on time to the destination station in Munich. There, the driver reports the incident, the train of specialists is studied.

attack on ICE on way to Munich: a Macabre fun or serious threat?

And indeed, There are traces of a short circuit. The next day an employee of the railway to take the route section in Allershausen under the magnifying glass – and will also be able to find: Unknown stretched according to the image of a steel cable across the tracks and wooden wedges on the rails mounted. Upon further Scanning, a Drohschreiben is found written in Arabic script.

Drohschreiben to stop on ICE found

Whether because a prankster has allowed a macabre fun, or whether it is indeed a serious threat, according to Ludwig Waldinger yet open. “The General Prosecutor’s office are investigating in all directions”, the LKA-man, the stresses in the Rest of The letter is explicitly not a claim of responsibility, he also gave no concrete threat. However, the image will have experienced, the threat of the Unknown with further attacks. The search for the Unknown runs to her at full speed.

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