President OKR has told about the chances to host the Olympic games in 2021

the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Stanislav Pozdnyakov said that the issue of the Olympics in 2021 refers to “cautious enthusiasm”, reports “Kommersant”.

According to Pozdnyakova, representatives of the IOC are showing “enthusiasm”, which causes hope to host the Games. At the same time President of the ROC noted that “the situation is very difficult”, many international competitions are in question, and their calendar may not recover before November. Domestic competition, in his estimation, and may resume in the fall.

In response to the question of whether increased due to the transfer of the summer Olympic games costs R & d, Pozdnyakov answered in the affirmative, stressing that “the four-year training program actually turned into a five-year”.

Recall, the pandemic coronavirus, the summer Olympic games in Tokyo, which was to be held in 2020, postponed to 2021. In Japan they say that the key factor for their implementation will be the emergence of vaccines and methods of treating coronavirus.