Great! Great Jacques Prévert, great show! One learns, child, cute poems, colorful and pure, of Jacques Prévert. But if we read well, if one reads the whole of what he wrote, then, we discover the Jacques Prévert acid, lucid, and politics. We discover the great humanist, who never fails to spirit and which is capable of lightness, but who takes them seriously the world. Jean-Louis Trintignant led the way with Daniel Mille at the accordion and other musicians.

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Here is Prévert by the actress and film director Yolande Moreau and Christian Olivier, the singer Heads Stiff. One sings and plays, the other plays and sings. They are accompanied by three excellent musicians: Scott Taylor, accordion, brass, percussion. Pierre Payan, keyboard, brass, musical saw, and even sound effects. Finally Serge Begout, guitar. The device stage, the lights, the shadows, the movements, the play of mirrors and the exchanges, everything here is harmonious and fraternal.

The choice of texts, poems, is excellent. Yolande Moreau, his long hair, his particular voice, his accent stressed (it was not always), its finesse, its power and its purity, works wonders. Cap screwed on the skull, mobile and vivid, Christian Olivier is an excellent reciter. It has a nice presence, a way to articulate very delicate. Two rare birds very well granted in a moment of emotion and beauty.

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