Prigogine and Cords accusations in a dispute about starving artists

the Russian music producer Iosif Prigozhin said the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov, who ridiculed him for his words about the “monstrous position” of the artists because of the pandemic, COVID-19. In the video in Instagram, the husband of the singer Valeria blames “Cord” in “hypoactive” and asks you not to pull your words out of context.

“Sergei Shnurov had to ask about what was discussed in my interviews. It was not about me, Valerie. It was not about thirty of the big stars who earn money, who have a safety cushion,” he said.

Prigogine explained that “we are talking about small businesses, we’re talking about restaurants,” and about the young musicians.

the Family of Prigogine is not experiencing financial difficulties, said the producer, explaining that he’s with Valeria “to the state clean, and we’re not complaining, we complain that it’s hard for us”.

As reported, Cords placed in his Instagram a satirical poem, in which he asked Prigogine, whether prepares it in quarantine “mess of greens”. “The bark I have it? Sirotinushka you our quite Thin I suppose?” he added. Cords also promised to buy in a “roundabout” sausages and send them to the opponent.

After you respond to wife Valerie of St. Petersburg, the artist did not remain in debt. According to Shnurov, the answer Prigogine likened himself “delegate of the circus”. According to the musician, he’s funny, the producer exposes himself “intercessor for the whole world”, “theatre the guardian” and “fighter for the poor”, as well as boasts a proper payment of taxes.

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