Prigogine: From his megalomania, and degenerativ I have immunity

Joseph Prigogine commented on the conflict that erupted between him and singer Sergei Shnurov after the verses, which were answered by the musician on the words of the producer about the plight of artists in coronavirus quarantine.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” Prigogine accused in his delusions of grandeur and unscrupulousness. “He had delusions of grandeur. It is about the popular artists had in mind himself, whose corporate couple hundred thousand dollars”, — said the producer. He also stressed that the Cords published personal correspondence. In it, recall that Prigogine has used profanity and called the musician “a mrazenysh” and stated that they “encounter imminent”.

“the Impunity, the lack of principle gives rise to what we face today. Such things lead to revolution. They ignite the fire, the fire of hatred, fire of anger in the context of a pandemic,” — says Prigogine.

At the same time, as noted by the producer, his “always hate it when people hurt someone in the family.” And that’s what did the leader of Leningrad. At the same time unflattering remarks in his own address he was indifferent.

“Believe me: I have absolute immunity and antibodies to the haters on these degenerates. Degenerates who write the offensive posts. You know, I don’t care if they are being bullied. The poison they vent they vent themselves,” he said.

Recall that the conflict began when, in response to the statement of the producer that due to the cancellation in connection with the epidemic of interventions, the artists were in distress, Sergey Shnurov broke out in a poem in which referring to the “skinny” Prigogine, impoverished with “aunt Leroy”, interested in “From the tops cook porridge? The bark already eat?”, and also urged to help them “with whatever they can for food.” Explanation Prigogine that he was not talking about vysokopoleqiwaamah pop stars, and all the performers, including a regular restaurant singers, musicians, circus performers, has caused a new sarcastic poetic response Shnurov. In the end, celebrity exchanged a number of insults, using offensive language.

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