“I’m here today because I am gay,” said Ellen Page during a conference for LGBT+ the NGO Human Rights Campaign in February 2014. Five years later, the actress, made famous through his role in Juno (2007), tells the story of the Guardian ill-being and his anxiety before revealing his homosexuality.

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A depression in a first time to the speculation of some media. “When I was 20 years old, someone wrote an article whose title was: “The bets are open about the sexuality of Ellen Page”, in the Village Voice . It concluded: “Juno is it you know what?””, she says. “After that, I’ve never even approached a woman in public until my 27 years,” she says. I was very depressed, very anxious. I wasn’t going to well.” Then she decides to get away for a time from the spotlight.

In 2017, following accusations of rape and sexual harassments against the american director Brett Ratner, revealed by Los Angeles Times , Ellen Page denounces in his turn, the harassment to which she was victim when she was 18 years old, by the same director, through a posting on Facebook describing the homophobic comments that he would have held her.

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His coming-out in 2014, shared millions of times on the Web, sign the beginning of his public commitment to the defence of the rights of LGBT+. In 2016, she realizes with her best friend Ian Daniel, Gaycation, a documentary series for Vice in which the actress is meeting the LGBT communities+ to be marginalized in the world. In the same year, she is headlining with Julianne Moore in Free Love directed by Peter Sollett, a movie telling the story of Laurel Hesther (Julianne Moore), a police homosexual suffering from cancer, forced to fight for his pension to come back to his partner (Ellen Page).

Regarded as a gay icon, the canadian actress does not receive messages praising his courage. In 2017, the actress made a complaint after receiving death threats repeatedly from an anonymous internet user on Instagram.

His depression is, however, well and truly behind it. On 8 January, the actress has celebrated her first year of marriage with the dancer and choreographer of 24 years, Emma Portner. Today, it is on Netflix as the actress returns with the series Tales of the City , adapted from the novel by Armistead Maupin (author known for her commitment to the LGBT community+) and soon with The Umbrella Academy the output of which on the platform is scheduled for 15 February.