Products killer: we are food triggers cancer

to Increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer can foods rich in antioxidants — black tea, chocolate, nuts and berries. This warn researchers from the Centre for immunology and cancer research behalf of Lautenberg at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

According to experts, 2% of cancers develop in the small intestine, and 98% affect the colon. The thing is — the presence of intestinal microflora in the small intestine the little bacteria, while the colon is inhabited by a rich microflora. When the intestinal flora produces metabolites known as “antioxidants”. To aggravate the situation may be improper diet, including regular consumption of chocolate, nuts, tea and berries.

Earlier it was reported that refined sunflower oil may cause cancer because when it is subjected to refining to chemicals, particularly hexane and gasoline, the oil changes completely, it formed carcinogens, which the cooking process are absorbed into the products daily and enter the body.