Professionals built the list of valuable elements of design and decor of the estate Grachevka

the Department of cultural heritage approved the protection of manor of the XIX century, which happens to Tchaikovsky and Bruce. In a press-service of the Ministry reported that it included the main house, built by the architect Lev Kekushev, an orangery, a coach house and stables and the Northern service buildings.

the Architectural appearance of the estate Grachevka, located in Khovrino district, was formed in the late nineteenth century. The value and the location of buildings and their height, and the appearance of the facades, including the location of doors, Windows and staircases, open-air terraces and balconies, as well as the materials themselves that were used in the construction and finish.

Particularly valuable in the Department of cultural heritage recognized the sculpture and stucco decoration, which are considered to be the architectural autographs of Leo Kekushev. Also, the subject of protection includes the interiors of the main house, the halls, decorated with stucco, columns and mirrors. The experts noted that the rooms still have fireplaces with marble portals and mirrors, bronze chandeliers, wall sconces and even some furniture of the XIX—XX centuries: dressing table with ornamental frames and tabletops, consoles, cabinets.

According to the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Alexey Emelyanov, now all restoration work in the estate will be carried out with this list.

Recall that under the protection of the state took the estate in 1979. By the time all the buildings except the main house were in poor condition. In 1970-1980-ies of the estate was restored.

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