Professionals: Medical mask can be deadly for children

Wearing medical masks for children under two years of age can be dangerous, as they can lead to suffocation. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the warning of the Japanese Association of pediatricians.

Experts explain that children have narrow Airways, masks can hinder their breathing, and this will lead to suffocation.

in addition, kids may face stress on the heart, and in hot weather to heat stroke.

“the Heat does not leave the mask, and there is a high risk of heat stroke. Also in children there is often vomiting, which in turn can cause pneumonia and choking,” said the head of the Association Akira Kamikawa.

In Japan purchase medical masks designed for children. Usually on their packaging indicates that they can be worn in three years. Some manufacturers written recommendations for use of masks “for children older than two years.”

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