Prolongs life: scientists told about the amazing properties of buckwheat

the Diet is based on buckwheat porridge helps to increase the protein level of SIRT1, which protects all cells of the body and increases life expectancy. To such conclusion came from a team of scientists from the School of fundamental biology and biotechnology Siberian Federal University, the results of a study published in the journal of Cereal Science.

Experts conducted an experiment on rats. They added 30% buckwheat in the diet of rodents and has studied its impact on their health. Animals were divided into three groups of eight rats each: one group received the regular amount of feed; the second is reduced by 30% portions, and the third group a regular feed with the addition of ground buckwheat, which accounted for 30% of the total weight of the feed.

as a result, In the third group levels of protein SIRT1были higher than in the first. Also high level production of the protein was in the second group, but this was associated with reduced body weight.

According to biologists, the grain of buckwheat contains a lot of indigestible fiber. Buckwheat is a low-calorie product and when added to the diet increases the production of SIRT1, which protects the cells of the digestive system without causing hunger and loss of growth in animals.

SIRT1 is a protein that determines the nutritional status of the cells.

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