Protection shaman TM has made a new psychiatric examination

the Supreme court of Yakutia has satisfied the petition of protection of the shaman Alexander Gabysheva, who remains in seclusion, new psihologo-psychiatric examination.

the Coordinator of the organization “human Rights Cards” Alexey Pryanishnikov, TM protect, said that in addition to the new examination, the representatives of the shaman managed to achieve the removal of the representative of the clinic attached to the materials of the case the findings of the independent expert, which concluded that the hospital have Gabysheva was no sign of temporary and chronic mental disorders.

“in addition, the conclusion of the medical Commission of the Yakut Republican psychoneurological clinic, the diagnosis does not give grounds for involuntary admission in a psychiatric hospital,” — said Pryanishnikov.

Recall that in may security forces stormed the house of a shaman, arrested him and sent to a mental hospital. The medical Board recognized the shaman’s insane and dangerous to themselves and others, and the mental hospital filed a claim for involuntary admission. The Yakut city court has satisfied the claim and now the defense contests it in the armed forces of the Republic.

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