Protesters in Kiev demand Zelensky

In Kiev, near the Stele of Independence, the campaign “Ukraine will resist”. As UNIAN reports, it gathered about 500 supporters of nationalist organizations.

protesters are calling on President Vladimir Zelensky “stop the policy of capitulation to Russia” and to release “wrongly” held by protesters, volunteers and volunteers, and from Russia need to leave the “occupied territories and to compensate damages to Ukraine.”

Also during the meeting the nationalists want authorities to “stop the attack on the Ukrainian language”, to continue de-communization and “to revive Russian-Soviet symbols.” Also among the requirements — “to stop the sabotage of the Euro-Atlantic integration and to renew Ukraine’s rapprochement with NATO and the EU.”

the Radicals gathered on the Maidan, stated that “Zelensky is steadily progressing on the road of surrender, lies and betrayal”, promising him “a disgraceful and early termination of powers”.

Note that this week Vladimir Zelensky marked the first anniversary of the inauguration of the President. According to a recent poll of “Rating”, if presidential elections were held today, he would vote 39% of Ukrainians.

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