Protesters in Lebanon forced out of the Ministry of foreign Affairs

Demonstrators in the Lebanese capital Beirut, almost without resistance gave the army the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

the Soldiers broke into the building three hours after his capture, and all the demonstrators, led by retired army officers who were ousted.

in addition, army units located in and outside of the Ministry of energy, demanding all voluntarily leave it.

According to Al Jazeera, the military is gradually taking back control of the situation covered protests in the city.

While thousands of people continue to pelt police with stones and firecrackers, and in response to receiving tear gas grenades.

Earlier it was reported that under the control of the protesters moved on the building of the Ministry of the economy, the environment, the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of energy. During the protests affected more than 230 people who died officer of the security forces.

Recall that the reason for the protests was a powerful explosion that rocked Beirut in the port on 4 August and destroyed half of the buildings in the city. 158 people were killed, over 20 missing. Various wounds have received more than 6 thousand people.