The mob attacked and set fire to a police station in the town of Puyo, in the Amazon province of Pastaza, Carillo said during a press conference in Quito.

The assailants set fire to the building while the police were still there, “six police officers were seriously injured, three are held hostage (by an indigenous community) and 18 police officers are missing,” said Mr. Carillo.

A bank branch was also set on fire, according to the minister.

It was during this same violence that a demonstrator was killed and his death announced in the evening. He died after having “handled an explosive device” according to the police, “hit in the face, apparently by a tear gas grenade”, according to an NGO.

“We are not going to let ourselves be intimidated. We are going to keep the same (security) devices. Puyo’s violence shows that they do not want dialogue”, denounced the minister.

“Once again, we are making a public call for dialogue, for the indigenous movement and for those radical groups responsible for these senseless acts,” added Mr. Carillo, however. President Guillermo Lasso “recognizes the just demands and seeks to create a consensus”, he stressed.

In Quito, the situation was relatively calm on Wednesday morning, as indigenous protesters were busy having lunch and preparing for another day of protests.