Psychologist: the Idea of introducing in schools the Patriotic education of the harmful and dangerous

the Federation Council has recently approved the law on education in Russian schools, in which teachers are obliged to develop children’s sense of patriotism and citizenship. What should parents do who are afraid of “brainwashing” in extra class hours at school, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said the psychologist, pedagogue Irina Belyaeva.

“the very idea of introducing such education in schools seems harmful and even dangerous. We served it in a beautiful way — allegedly of the teenager, thanks to appropriate care can get either a decent person or a drug addict. But this is a false dichotomy, people don’t become addicts due to the fact that they are brought up not on the Kremlin’s Patriotic system,” — said the psychologist.

According to Belyaeva, in the scientific community there is a preconceived opinion about how to teach a child morality through addressing moral and ethical dilemmas, the wording of their own judgments, the comparison of different positions. And often, in the opinion of the psychologist, such a teacher becomes a good teacher of literature, who are free in their moral choices and teaches us not on the program of the Kremlin.

“as for patriotism, where the emphasis is, you need to understand that it is primarily about the ability to make whatever sacrifice in the name of interests of the homeland — though there is the question of who defines these interests. And in most cases it is more about the military, and not civilian patriotism — even in the law immediately after the word “patriotism” is “respect for the defenders of the Fatherland”, not to the artists, for example. Military discourse is obvious, although the days of militarism, it should stay behind,” said Irina Belyaeva.

the Expert recalled that “jingoism” after the thesis “we are the strongest and the best” easily penetrates into the souls of teenagers, which comes to the fore the problem smooredividing the questions “Who am I?” “Where are my people?”.

According to psychologist, after adoption of the law, those teachers who is really able to put open questions to teach children to question, to approach everything critically and consciously, to develop civil society, will be under the gun — the parents can complain to them at any time.

“as for teachers who don’t care as most of them do — they will do everything for show, more boring. So that even more children will hate school and do the teachers job. There will be more obscurantist, are confident that they have all the right answers and they know how to teach you to love the Motherland. They will be where to roam”, — predicts expert.

Irina Belyaeva advises parents who disagree with the adopted law, to Express it openly, so if you do not change, then at least to show your attitude.

“At the same time, do not blame the teachers, because for the child it is very hard to hear in school is one thing and home another. The child develops attachment with parents and with teachers, and this can lead to internal tearing. But to teach a child to lie, the type of “what they say at home, do not tell the school” — is not worth it. It is important to be sincere, not to blame the teachers, explain to the child that the system can make mistakes, help him to think and compare different opinions. In the end education is always a family affair and parents.”

we will Remind, on Friday, the Federation Council approved the law on education in Russian schools. The document introduces the education of students in a school educational programme in the form of individual education programmes and schedules that schools will have to develop themselves on the basis of the indicative plans of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation.

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