Psychologists drew attention to the serious increase of aggression against the authorities against the background of the pandemic

With the start of the pandemic has increased the number of mental disorders, and two-thirds of complaints to the hotline of psychological assistance connected with family conflicts. As reported “Interfax”, said the head physician of Republican clinical psychotherapeutic center of Bashkiria Ilgiz Timerbulatov. He also pointed to the growth of aggression against the authorities. Statistics on the spring months of this year, he was compared to the data of 2019. So, amid the pandemic has seen an increase in anxiety disorders almost 40%, panic disorder — 27%, and obsessive-compulsive disorder — 21%. At the same time, he said, patients with a number of States have less to go, afraid to go out and socialize. Timerbulatov added that psychologists do not expect such a number of the outbreak of family conflicts. Two-thirds of calls to the hotline were due to family quarrels and only one — third from the concerns to get feelings for their loved ones and fear of death. According to him, despite the weakening of the regime of self-isolation, accumulated over the previous months of the conflict “came to light, and grow”. Psychologists see the influx of wishing to family therapy, especially among families with teenagers. Moreover, the recorded “serious increase in aggression, mostly verbal, aimed at the partner, family problems, but also a pretty serious increase in aggression is directed outwards, on the authorities”.

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