Published a ranking of countries by number of billionaires in Russia: the fourth

Presents the ranking of countries by number of billionaires in 2019. The list published by the company Wealth-X.

Place in the ranking was as follows: in first place was USA — there are 788 billionaires, followed by China — 342 people, more Germany — 153 billionaire. Russia took the fourth position — 114 billionaires. The five leaders also includes Switzerland and the United Kingdom, which counted for 100 billionaires.

they Also found that most billionaires live in new York — 113, Hong Kong and San Francisco — 96 and 77 billionaires, respectively. In Moscow, according to the study, there are 73 billionaires.

According to the study, overall in 2019, the number of billionaires in the world grew by a record 211 people (8.5% more than the previous year) and reached the 2825, with the overall condition for the year grew by 10.3%, to $9.4 trillion.

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