Published the top 5 metro stations, where passengers often wear masks and gloves

Moscow Authorities have compiled a list of the most “responsible” and “irresponsible” metro stations for the use by passengers of means of individual protection from coronavirus.

In the top 5 of the subway stations, where passengers wear masks and gloves, as reported in the press service of the Moscow Department of transport, included “Novoslobodskaya”, “Ulitsa 1905 goda”, “culture Park” the Sokolnichesky line, “Serpukhovskaya” and “Chekhovskaya”.

the Ministry recalled that in Moscow, despite the improvement in the epidemiological situation, the wearing of masks in transport is mandatory.

In the list of stations where passengers often ignore wearing masks, entered “Teply Stan”, “Komsomolskaya”, “Paveletsky” and “VDNH” and “Savelovsky”.

Recall that over the past day in the capital confirmed 645 new cases of infection with coronavirus.

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