Published videos sawing of the door and a search of blogger Lehi Fireman

the Management of Affairs in the TRANS-Baikal region has published a video break down the door and searched the apartment Chita blogger Alexei Screenage, which maintains a YouTube channel under the name of Lech Fireman.

On the record shows how special grinder opens an iron door in apartment of the blogger, knocks him to the floor and handcuffed. Then law enforcement authorities seized the laptop from him.

According to police, Skruzny was arrested for video calls not to comply with the restrictive measures associated with the regime of isolation, and mass riots with application of violence concerning representatives of authorities.

Blogger threatened with imprisonment for the term up to two years.

As reminiscent of “” Alexey Skruzny, who worked as a fireman, began to lead a video blog in 2015. First, he sang his own songs about politics, then went on to tell about the city state and the protection of the rights of inhabitants of Chita. Wide audience Leh Fireman became famous in 2019, when I met a Yakut shaman Alexander by Gabysheva during his “March on Moscow”. Skruzny took part in the rally in Chita and was fined 10 thousand rubles.

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