Pubs in Ireland do not open until 10 August

pubs in Ireland will not open until 10 August, writes The Guardian, citing a statement by the Prime Minister of the country Michael Martin.

As Martin said, a coronavirus in its spread “relentless as ever,” so despite the disappointment of the owners of the pubs, the government decided to “push the pause button”. Also deferred plans to increase the allowable number of people that can gather in one place.

In turn, acting chief doctor of Ireland, Dr Ronan Glynn noted that the situation in the country is good “compared with many countries of the world” and it needs to be maintained to keep the results of months of effort.

currently in Ireland are revealed not less than 25,5 thousand cases of coronavirus, died 1748 people have already recovered more than 23.3 thousand people of Ireland are required to wear masks in shops and other public places to prevent new infection.

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