Pulmonologist told when ill COVID-19 the person ceases to be dangerous

the St. Petersburg pulmonologists answers to Russian questions about COVID-19. Communication with physicians occurred under the rubric “Ask the pulmonologist”, organized on the website of “Dr. Peter”. As experts, the publication invited the chief pulmonologist Petersburg and the Northwest Federal district, Director, research Institute of pulmonology Spbgmu them. Pavlova Olga Titov, the head of the pulmonary Department of City hospital № 2 Irina Kraskino, head of the City pulmonology center in the hospital Natalia Kuzubova, the leading researcher of the research Institute of pulmonology Spbgmu them. Pavlov Andrei Kozyrev.

the doctors told the readers when it is safe to contact with a person who recovered from COVID-19 and how soon after recovery you can resume sport activities.

According to doctors, even if the person has had novel coronavirus infection, he feels well and virus shedding can continue for several weeks. To make sure that it is not contagious, is possible only after receiving the test results.

“Contact with a person without concern for their health when it will show you two negative PCR tests, made at intervals of not less than a day, in the absence of symptoms,” said doctors.

simple answer to the question of the resumption of athletic training after suffering COVID-19 pulmonologists are unable. “Too much depends on the severity of the disease and of what is meant by active kinds of sports. Program of medical rehabilitation at outpatient treatment typically for 6-12 weeks,” he said.

Recall, for the last day in Petersburg was 168 new cases COVID-19. In addition, the city accounts for the largest number of deaths from the coronavirus confirmed in Russia, for the day.