“We are going to do it very gradually but at the end of the year there will be no more fuel discount, and from October 1, in any case this is the proposal we are making, we are setting up this fuel allowance. for the workers”, declared the minister on Europe 1.

Bercy clarified that the government’s plan was to initially reduce the fuel discount from 18 to 12 cents, then to 6 cents, before stopping it completely.

More targeted, the new workers’ fuel allowance can be requested by simple declaration on the site of the general directorate of public finances, specified the minister, adding that if “your home and your place of work are very far away or that you are for example itinerant because you are a nursing assistant, you declare that you are a heavy roller and you will have additional compensation”, added Bruno Le Maire.

The objective according to the minister is to cover “almost all of your additional fuel costs” incurred due to the increase in oil prices since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

He further indicated that the current rebate of 18 centimes per liter of fuel cost 800 million euros per month while the new device would cost only 2 billion euros per year.

“This is proof that we do not want whatever it costs. Our public finances do not allow it,” said Bruno Le Maire. He quantified the purchasing power measures which must be presented Thursday afternoon in the Council of Ministers at “about twenty billion euros” against 25 billion mentioned above.