Putin approved a new version of the strategy of combating extremism

Russian President approved a new version of the strategy for combating extremism through 2025. The document published on the official portal of legal information.

“In order to ensure further implementation of the state policy in the sphere of counteraction to extremism in the Russian Federation decrees to approve the new edition of the Strategy of counteracting extremism in Russia till 2025”, — stated in the document.

In the list of the most dangerous manifestations of extremism mentioned the organization of protests and drawn attention to the use by extremists of minors.

“cases of raising in the ranks of extremist organizations minors, because they are not only easier to ideological and psychological effects, but under certain circumstances not subject to criminal responsibility,” the document States.

identify the key regions for conservation in which the “sources of terrorism” in Russia together with migrants penetrate members of international terrorist and extremist organizations. These regions in the strategy include the middle East and North Africa.

To external extremist threats consider the support of a number of States of the destructive activities of foreign or international non-governmental organizations. The activities are aimed at destabilizing the socio-political and socio-economic situation in Russia, the violation of the unity and territorial integrity of the country, including instigating “color revolutions” and the promotion of activities of international extremist and terrorist organizations, etc.

the Internal extremist threats are attempts to implement nationalist, radical social, religious, ethnic and other organizations and associations, individuals, extremist activities, and also the declination, recruitment or other involvement of Russian citizens in the territory of the country of iNOSforeign citizens in extremist communities.

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