Putin called

Russian President Vladimir Putin said July 1, “perfect option” for voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. About Putin said at a meeting of the working group for preparation of amendments, reports TASS.

According to him, this day is “the most appropriate”. The President said he had the idea to hold a vote on the day of the parade (June 24), but, Putin said, “there’s nothing to mix, is a major milestone in the life of the country.” Putin added that before the vote, to withstand a period of 30 days. “We need 30 days from the date of announcement (date of vote) for some of the issues in this case would be of a technical nature, and not only” — said the head of state. In turn, the head of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that, with the consent of the CPS, the best option would be to hold a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation on 1 July. We will remind that earlier vote on the amendments to the main document of the country was scheduled for 22 April, but the President has postponed the vote due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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