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Putin explained how to organize in Russia a technological breakthrough

Putin explained how to organize in Russia a technological breakthrough

Russia will be able to provide a technological breakthrough, if advanced solutions will increase the efficiency of companies, to open new areas for the application of human labor and will be used by people. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI).

According to him, RIA “Novosti”, the long-term and systemic effects of technological breakthrough will be provided only if the latest solutions will be applied “in the everyday life of citizens everywhere — in cities, villages, in every village”. Putin also pointed to the need to strive for the development of small and medium businesses and create new jobs.

in particular, he asked the ASI to offer a solution for the integration of young people into the technological development of the regions. We are talking about schoolchildren, students, young entrepreneurs “on the ground”. Importantly, Putin said, “to offer concrete steps for inclusion in the agenda of technological development of Russian constituent entities of the education system in the region — from schools to technical centers, colleges and universities.”

in addition, Putin added, it is equally important to the development of technology pushed back adults people held “on the side of life” — and for nih should be open new horizons of growth and increase of income.

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