Putin has allowed Aviatrans

Russian President Vladimir Putin has allowed air transit through the territory of Russia sanctions products. A decree posted on the portal of legal information.

Transit, according to the document, can be subject to two conditions. First, the transit is permitted if the aircraft makes a stopover at the Russian international airport without unloading, and then left Russia. Second, if the aircraft makes an intermediate landing with a single overload of such products on another plane, outside of the Russian Federation and if such goods are under customs control and do not leave the checkpoint through the state border. In this embodiment, no premises of the goods under the customs procedure of customs transit.

Recall, the food embargo was introduced in August 2014 as a response to Western sanctions against Russia. First, the embargo has affected US, EU, Australia, Norway and Canada, were then added Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Ukraine. Discovered in Russia “sanctions” destroy that which causes a mixed reaction of the population.

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