Putin has legitimized the regulatory guillotine

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a package of laws on reform of control and Supervisory activities in the Russian Federation — the regulatory guillotine. Documents placed on the portal of legal information.

Recall, the draft laws on the mandatory requirements and on the state control was developed in the framework of the plan “road map” for implementation of the regulatory guillotine. The government has made laws to the state Duma in December last year. The law “On the state control (supervision) and municipal control” introduces the basics of state and municipal control. The document provides for the creation of a new risk management model, introduces the concept of control and Supervisory review, fixing procedures, rights and responsibilities of all key participants in such activities.

it is Also proposed to abandon the format checks as the main instrument of control and to introduce new types of control activities — control purchase, field surveys or RAID. However, the major will preventative measures such as advice, consultation and guidance.

the Second law “On mandatory requirements” defines the legal and organizational basis for the determination and assessment of application mandatory requirements. Including the definition of “mandatory requirement”. Also defines the objectives, key principles and powers in their establishment, development and entry into force of normative legal acts containing such requirements, the provisions on the possibility of establishing pilot legal regimes in the field of mandatory requirements.

Mandatory requirements are established “for the sole purpose of protecting the life, health, morals, rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, of not causing harm to animals, plants, environment, national defense and state security, cultural heritage, protection of other legitimate values.” In addition addition, mandatory requirements must be fulfilled.

within the framework of regulatory guillotine cancelled more than 3.5 thousand of different acts of the Soviet times. For example, in June, was canceled about 450 of obsolete documents from the period 1946-1991 years.

including the rules of the repair of refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, the manufacture of tin cans, the qualification requirements for divers and guards, the norm shrinkage of the meat and the natural decline of sausages during storage. Removed instructions for using lemons in food service, the rules of the trade potatoes, instructions for the towing of trolleys, order on write-off of unclaimed orthopedic shoes, manual on the write-off of expired medicines in pharmacies, the norms of natural loss of leeches, wool and glass, pharmaceutical glassware, the order of the standard time for manufacturer points, the resolution of the model time norms for plotter and stekloproduktsii work order on further improvement seksopatologicheskih care.