Putin in his address appreciated the measures to combat coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address appreciated the measures to combat coronavirus. According to the head of the state, due to the measures taken managed to buy time and delay the peak of a pandemic by one to one and a half months.

the Minister justified the decision to declare a nationwide period days. He added that Russia managed to establish its own production of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus.

the Very pandemic coronavirus head of state called a challenge of enormous complexity. In his address, the President stated that the way of life of the Russians has changed over the past three months. “Usually this time period is one quarter flew by, sometimes even unnoticed. But these are definitely difficult days, weeks, months we all had a very different sense of time, too much they contain: rapidly changing way of life, forced restrictions for work and communication, anxiety and fear and even bitterness of loss, separation from family members, relatives, the idea of what tomorrow will bring, how to protect, to shield from harm the beloved people how to provide for the family, children to support parents”, — said the head of state. We will add that today the President’s speech began with a two-hour delay: the transformation has begun about 17 hours instead of the previously announced 15:00.

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