Putin on foreign policy: We should not look like a madman with a razor in his hand

Russia prefers to communicate with partners only in a respectful tone, said President Vladimir Putin on air of TV channel “Russia 1”. “I do not believe that protecting their interests, we must look like some idiots like crazy, which got into the hands of the razor, and they are running around and waving it, and even reviled all different indigestible expressions”, — said the head of state. He also expects continued confrontation in the international economic arena. Recently, the experts of the Russian Council on international Affairs, the Institute for Far Eastern studies and the Institute of international studies at Fudan University, has released a report which highlighted the increasing confrontation of the US and China in the Asia-Pacific region. The document also noted that the United States aimed to compete with the major powers, as Russia and China perceive US as strategic competitors. While competition in the international economic arena, the Russian leader said in June 2019 at the St. Petersburg economic forum.

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