Putin ordered Shoigu to help the response to fight coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the defence Ministry to provide urgent assistance to the TRANS-Baikal region in connection with the increase in the incidence of coronavirus. About Putin said at a meeting of the Russian security Council.

As reported “Interfax”, Putin drew attention to the “complex dynamics” with the coronavirus in Transbaikalia. He stressed the need as quickly as possible to help the region, and asked the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to begin the deployment of the hospital, “equipped with all necessary equipment and experts.”

Putin Also reminded that the capabilities of the Armed forces has been repeatedly used to combat coronavirus. So, the Ministry of defense in a short time and with good quality built 16 hospitals in different regions of the Russian Federation.

Assessing the situation with coronavirus in Russia, Putin pointed out that the situation stabiliziruemost and improved. However, the authorities will “constantly and carefully monitor the situation in each region and to respond swiftly,” he promised.

Recall that in Transbaikalia during the pandemic revealed 1 thousand 257 cases of infection with coronavirus, 708 people have recovered, 24 died. According oberstab on June 4, the last day in the region recorded 39 new cases COVID-19 and again there were two lethal outcomes associated with new infection.

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