Putin presented state awards to figures of science, culture and human rights defenders

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented state awards for the year 2019 in the field of science and technology, literature and arts, humanitarian, charitable and human rights activities.

As reported TASS, the ceremony was held in the Catherine hall of the First building. This was the first meeting in the Kremlin with the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

the winners of the state prize in literature and art, became Director of the Museum-estate of Rachmaninov “Ivanovka” Alexander Ermakov, writer and literary critic Valentin Kurbatov, head of the Irkutsk regional centre of the Russian language, folklore and Ethnography, Galina of Medvedev.

In the fields of science and technology state prize was awarded to the Director of the Museum of anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great (Kunstkamera, St. Petersburg) Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Golovnev, he awarded for the study of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Arctic; scientists of the Institute of Thermophysics named Kutateladze of the Siberian branch of RAS Mikhail Predtechensky, Dmitri Markovich, Vladimir Meledin. They are awarded for their contribution to the global development of carbon nanotubes. Also awarded the CEO of the company “Biocad” Dmitry Morozov, biologists Andrei Ulitin and Tanya Chernovskaya for the development of drugs to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.

For outstanding achievements in humanitarian activities of national awards received were the composer David Tukhmanov, head physician of Minsk clinical hospital № 15 named after Filatov Valery Vechorko treating including patients with coronavirus.

the state prize for outstanding achievements in the field of human rights activities was received by the Chairman of the Council of the Union of families of servicemen of Russia Maria Bolshakova. For achievements in the field of philanthropy awarded people’s artist of Russia Konstantin Khabensky.

Recall, usually the presentation of national awards is June 12 — Russia Day, but this year the Day of Russia Putin held a rewarding of Heroes of Labor.

the State prize — the highest PRexpulsion of merit figures of science and culture to society and the state. It is the main Russian premium inherited in 1992, is the name of the state prize of the RSFSR. In addition to monetary compensation (from 2020, the amount of the prize was doubled, to 10 million) winners receive a diploma, plaque and frachnyh sign.

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