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Putin promised Irkutsk region 10 billion roubles aid

Putin promised Irkutsk region 10 billion roubles aid

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to support the request of the acting Governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev allocation to the region 10 billion roubles aid. The conversation with Putin kobzevym took place after the President’s meeting on environmental issues in Usolye-Sibirskoye, reports TASS.

Putin assured Kobzeva that talk about helping with the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. Details with them Kobzev have to “work” himself, Putin added.

According to Kobzeva, in the framework of the agreement with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the region is obliged to reduce its spending by 22 billion rubles, but it may do so only 10-12 billion rubles. Otherwise it would be detrimental to socially significant events and lead to social tensions, he warned the acting Governor. He also recalled that Angara was not included in the first 56 regions-the recipients of subsidies for compensation of losses of budget revenues. Kobzev said that according to preliminary estimates lost income in the region will amount to 18 billion roubles (the tenth part of their income). The situation was negatively impacted by the pandemic coronavirus and the fall in oil prices, said Kobzev.

Putin said that in the Irkutsk region “have enough of acute problems,” but in General, the regions “developing satisfactorily”. Putin also instructed Kobzevo to prepare the program of construction of gas chemical complex in the region, noting that the main thing — “not to sell gas abroad, and the supply of private consumers.” But all this must first “calculate with “Gazprom”, Putin added.

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