Putin raised the age limit of rectors

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law increasing to 70 years (from the current 65 years) the maximum age of the leadership of the universities. The document is available on the official portal of legal information.

Recall, the law was previously adopted by the state Duma and the Federation Council approved. Now the positions of rectors, Vice-rectors, heads of branches of universities, and in senior positions in state or municipal research institutions can work up to 65 years, regardless of the validity of employment contracts. At the academic Council of the University, the General meeting (conference) of employees of scientific organizations, the founder has the right to extend the tenure of the rector of the University, the scientific organization head office until the age of 70 years.

the Law increases the age limit for senior staff of universities and research organizations up to 70 years without right of renewal. It is also proposed to adopt the rate at which one and the same person can not replace the position of rector of the same University or the head of one and the same scientific organization of more than three terms (15 years).

provision of the bill to raise the age limit of replacement of posts of rector and head of the scientific organization up to 70 years is consistent “with the global trend to change the boundaries of Mature and elderly and is a logical continuation of changes in 2018 the pension legislation of the Russian Federation”, pointed out in the state Duma.

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