Putin said that relations with Ukraine deteriorated over the Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that relations of Russia and Ukraine sooner or later will get better, in spite of numerous differences.

“That’s the foam, sooner or later it will ever subside”, he said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 1”.

the Leader of Russia also did not associate the deterioration of relations between countries prisoedinenie of Crimea in 2014, SFS Ukraine still considers it “occupied.”

Putin reminded the official position of Russia about the fact that in Ukraine “there was a coup and seizure of power”, after which the authorities of the two countries had different peer.

“So something that we have soured relations with Ukraine, with the Crimea, in principle, not connected”, — he concluded.

Speaking of sharp criticism in his address, Putin said that the preference of constructive proposals, not “criticism for critics”.

“If it is criticism for criticism, it’s just uninteresting, but if there are constructive proposals, of course, happy to listen to this”, — said the President.

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