Putin was asked to balance the benefits of children all victims of the security forces

the head of the charity organization “Union of families of servicemen of Russia” Maria Bolshakova asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to balance the rights of children of all law enforcement agencies who have died in defense of the homeland. She also asked to address issues related to the status of families of soldiers killed in the first and second Chechen campaign.

As reported “Interfax”, with a request to the President Bolshakov addressed at the ceremony of awarding the state prize, receiving the award for achievements in the sphere of human rights activities. According to her, it is necessary that the state paid more attention to the children of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland.

“Must be children of employees of all power structures to give the status of “Child of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland”, — said Bolshakov. Now, according to her, it turns out that the children of one Department the decision was made many years ago, and they are entitled to a number of benefits, and other power structures there are no such decisions. It is important that all been systematized, and that the children were equal in terms of benefits, said Bolshakov. She gave an example: “Even among the mothers there begins the feud: those are some of the benefits those others. This is wrong.” She stressed that solving these problems will not bring much cost to the budget.

following this address Putin exchanged with Bolshakova a few words.

we will Remind, today the President within the framework of events in honor of the 75 th anniversary of Victory presents five state prize of the Russian Federation for 2019 — for outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, literature and art, as well as for achievements in the field of humanitarian, human rights and charitable activities.

In past years, the part of the state were given the Day of Russia, and other related topics date. This year the award ceremony from June 12, was postponed to June 24 because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

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